Moon Mirror
Oak (Ebonized)

How much do we try to see on a single plane? From observing the small things in our everyday lives, to looking at the world from a larger perspective, we as humans are always taking in our surroundings. However we only ever see through our own eyes and our own subjective experience. With her Moon Mirror, Subin Seol questions the way we look at an object and the world around us and invites/challenges us to see beyond our own limited viewpoint.

It is easy to forget that the moon is actually three-dimensional because it is of no immediate consequence to our busy daily lives and from our perspective far down on Earth it is a difficult idea to comprehend. To us, the moon is nothing but a thin, mirror-like presence that illuminates our night sky. However the moon and all of its surroundings have complex and transformative relationships with each other, which are not obviously clear to the naked eye. In this same way, everything in the world is actually different from what we see, and nothing can be perfectly matched with what is visible. Through the three-dimensional form of the frame surrounding the mirror, Seol draws the viewer to recognize that even if the object reflected in the mirror is formed on a plane, it does not belong to a plane.

Through her design, users can have the opportunity to become aware of and expand their view of the world beyond just the usual act of looking into the mirror.

© Subin Seol