Samsung Design Corporate

Milano, Italy

April, 2019

Simon Hong, Jihoo Kim, Insoo Song, Subin Seol
@Cheil Worldwide

‘Resonance by Samsung’ exhibition for the Milan Design week 2019 asks a deeper question to usual on-screen technology interactions. The usual on-screen contents experience is replaced with interplay of lights, form, shapes and movement that continually changes in response to visitors.

The interactions between people and technology evolve in a constant flow, with the shifting currents of how we think, work, and live. The ‘Resonance’ journey starts within light-hearted iridescent maze-like environment, where visitors can trigger meta-physical interaction through ‘app button-shaped’ windows. In this part of experience, our breath, sound and touch become a key to unlock mesmerising world of possibilities.

Prism, Resonance

Prism, Resonance